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Usage-based Insurance

The Optimal Solution For Insurtech Transformation

Auto Insurance Based on Driving Behavior

Trans-IoT is the No.1 UBI solution vendor for insurance companies, we have more than 42 types of data models and algorithms, ten billion of driving data per year.
Developing the best pricing model for insurance companies through our data and AI algorithm.

UBI Solution Vendor


Data Models and Algorithms


Driving Behavior Data

Facilitating The Process of InsurTech Transformation

Value We Bring in Usage-based Insurance

Usage-based Insurance shapes the risk profile for individual drivers, In the process of insurance compliance, we integrate IoV technology with InsurTech development, from sales to remote claim settlements, transforming auto insurance into a digitalized model.

KARDI LiVE Real-time Dashcam
Born in The IoV Era

KARDI LiVE Real-time Dashcam collects data such as driving mileage, driving behavior, driving hours and such extended data. Through our algorithm models, these data then become premium pricing measurements, providing insurance companies with analysis towards their clients' driving behavior, road conditions, vehicle status and so on,
Remotely monitor vehicle surroundings, ensuring vehicle and property safety.
When an abnormal level of motion is detected, users will be notified instantly on their cellphone device, dashcam simultaneously uploads footage to the cloud platform. Users are also able to locate their vehicle through our cellphone app maps.
Using the G-Sensor feature, Real-time Dashcam detects vehicle collisions and motions, the footage will be sent back to the insurance company and auto-dial to the insurance specialist, assisting drivers when a car accident occurs.
Value We Bring in Usage-based Insurance

Facilitating InsurTech Transformation and Developing IoV Applications

Usage-based Insurance shapes the risk profile for individual drivers, In the process of insurance compliance, we integrate IoV technology with InsurTech development, from sales to remote claim settlements, transforming auto insurance into a digitalized model.

Comprehensive Premium Pricing Measurement

Unique factors include driving mileage, driving hours, rapid acceleration, hard braking, speeding, speed changes and so on, providing a precise premium pricing model according to individual driving behavior.

Visualized and Simple Driving Reports

Driving data such as rapid acceleration, hard braking, idling, speeding, speed changes, driving mileage and hours, will be presented in visualized charts and diagrams.

Insurance Profit Model

Optimized profit model, pricing factors suggestion model, premium discount rates calculation, helping insurance company to reduce expenses, and increase customer retention and loyalty.

Blockchain Encryption Technology

Preventing insurance frauds and data leakage, all driving behavior and data will be uploaded to the blockchain, ensuring information credibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usage-based Insurance not only increase insurance companies' turnover but also reduces labor expenses in the process of car accident handling, hardware devices actively detect vehicle collisions, record accident footage as a piece of evidence for claim settlements, lowering claim disputes and issues.
According to the Global Market Insights report on industry analysis, in 2018, there are approximately 25 million active UBI policies on the market, where the U.S. has the most with about 8 million. There are 8 million vehicles in the Taiwan market, we believe the potential for the UBI market will become more and more popular, leading Taiwan's insurance industry into an international scope.
The past UBI product only collects driving mileage as a single pricing factor, premium pricing measurement is not individualized and customized, our hardware devices collect up to 20 kinds of driving data, such as rapid acceleration, hard braking, driving hours and so on, policyholders pay how their drive.
By applying our advanced technology and models, provide policyholders driving assistance, recording, calling, and such additional functions, also premium rates reduction, fuel-saving models, risk management services, effectively improve customer retention and relationship.
All of our hardware devices are made for data collection purposes, including the KARDI LiVE Real-time Dashcam, KARDI LiTE OBD II BT, and 4G OBU device used in fleet management. Our products are all fully integrated, all serving the purpose of Usage-based Insurance and fleet management applications.
We gather millions of driving data, through calculation and AI algorithm models, we are able to examine the risk level behind numbers.
We collect data through various methods, including GPS location service, On-Board Diagnostic system. Collected data will be applied in our data cleaning technology, iterative algorithm, and blockchain encryption, providing reliable and solid data information.
In Taiwan, over 70% of car owners install dashcam devices on their vehicles, the Real-time Dashcam serves the same functions as most the dashcam, but it provides additional advanced data collecting feature for insurance purposes, as a same type of product with additional functions, increasing product acceptance for the market.
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