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Expanding Business Scope By Utilizing Advanced Vehicle Data

Using Advanced Data and AI Algorithm to Improve
Risk, Cost, and Efficiency Performance

Valuable Applications In The Automotive Industry

Data and AI Applications
Providing complete IoV industry utilizations

Along with the advancement of the automotive industry, Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and autonomous driving have become a significant evolution, millions of vehicles data will become the influential factors in the future automotive industry, Trans-IoT is dedicated to providing complete IoV services and applications based on our data and AI applications technology.

汽車保險、UBI、Usage-based Insurance

Building individual risk profiles of drivers and policyholders based on our data technology, improving customer experience from insurance sales to claim settlements, facilitating #Insurtech transformation of the insurance industryInsurTech Transformation ..

Fleet Management

Data and patented algorithm models, AI prediction technology and video data integration, we provide a complete solution for commercial fleets to efficiently manage their drivers and significantly increase operating performance.

IoV、Internet of Vehicles

As a Tier 1 vehicle integration platfom supplier, we provide in-depth systematic vehicle integrations and technology, aiming to achieve a comprehensive smart and connected vehicle notion and services.

Best Solution For Fleet Management

Building prediction models and forecasts by applying Trans-IoT's data and AI analytic algorithm, improving business management efficiency, also reducing accident rates and operating costs.

Best Solution For Fleet Management

Taiwan Mobile x Trans-IoT
Experienced IoV Development and Innovative Applications Competencies
Taiwan Mobile and Trans-IoT, jointly launched "Fleet Manager 3.0". Assisting fleet owners to accurately keep track of fleets locations, effectively increase business management efficiency, also reducing accident rates and operating costs. Taiwan Mobile highly recognize Trans-IoT's experienced IoV development and innovative applications competencies, we look forward to co-operating with Trans-IoT in the future, building a total solution for our customers and explore potential opportunities.
VP & CCO of Taiwan Mobile
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The IoV industry has a wide range of applications, we provide solutions based on data, video, and AI calculation models. Browse our collection of brochures and guides for helpful information to explore your business opportunities.