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Smart Telematics Integration Technology

Integration Service With Tier 1 Technical Strength

Activation of Vehicle brain
Empowering Vehicle Intelligence

Trans-IoT is the Tier 1 software platform provider in the market and the only vehicle integrator contracted by vehicle manufacturers in Taiwan. We provide services such as vehicle remote control, predictive maintenance analysis, and assist car manufacturers retain warranty and maintenance services within their business model, consolidating values within the aftermarket.

Tier 1 Software Platform


API Modules Protocols

Vehicle Data Per Year
250 M+
Deep Integration of Smart Functions

Comprehensive Smart Vehicle Services

Modularizing 400+ of API protocols to establish smart vehicle data applications. and utilize data technology to maintain high economic values within the business value chain, effectively retrieve research and development investments from car manufacturers.

Deeply integrate the vehicle computer system to
realize remote control functions

Using 4G or Bluetooth capabilities to transfer your mobile phone into a vehicle control center, remotely control your vehicle at any time and anywhere.
Deep Integration of Smart Functions

Third-Party Services Integration

Connecting vehicle repair, maintenance, and auto insurance services to integrate life applications, creating a better driving experience for car owners.

Warranty Service

Make a warranty appointment in real-time, choose the time and place flexibly, and check the content of the warranty items, warranty progress, pick-up time, and warranty record information.

One-Click Renewal

Integrated vehicle insurance services, providing vehicle owners with electronic policy review, policy expiration notifications, contact customer service, and one-click policy renewal services.

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Access

Connecting the national highway toll system, check your account balance instantly on your mobile phone. Confirm balance at any moment, no worries about missing payment and penalties.

One-Click Renewal

Comprehensive integration of third-party functions, one-click contact customer service and specialist for roadside assistance, video reporting, designated driving, and warranty appointments, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the definition of "smart vehicle", the vehicle needs to include functions such as environmental sensing capability, advanced driver assistance systems, and network communication capability.

We utilize smart vehicle integration technology to activate vehicle intelligence, provide a future of smart vehicle for drivers and automakers.

We provide data and application solutions for the Internet of Vehicle market. Tier 1 refers to cooperation with car manufacturers (automakers) directly, with a wider technical and application scope.

By integrating vehicle ECU data and the unique data analysis platform, we achieved data and video integration services. Through the online platform, vehicle owners obtain services such as risk management, fuel consumption prediction, and loss control, realizing the future trend of intelligent vehicle."

We assist car manufacturers in planning before the car model design process, and our functions provide car owners with many kinds of safe and convenient applications.

Digital key sharing, real-time control permission, and share temporary keys, making it more convenient to share and utilize your car.

Vehicle starts, air quality detection within and outside the car, one-click air refreshing, vehicle lock/unlock, tailgate control, find my car and window control.

We provide customers warranty and maintenance integration services in vehicle maintenance plants, keeping the most economically valuable business model in the original system.

1. Emergency Rescue
2. Driving Secretary
3. Maintenance Reservation
4. One-Click Designated Driving
5. Theft and Damage Alarm
6. Incident Handling

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