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With the maturity of IoT and sensing technology, Trans-IoT collects up to 500 vehicle data per second according to different car models, brands. driving behaviors, etc. By using algorithms and data modeling, we collect available information from huge amounts of data and transform them into smart vehicle services with business value. By optimizing data and algorithm models, we provide differentiated services for insurance companies, car manufacturers, car owners, and fleet management companies.
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Car insurance and fuel consumption are continuous expenses that cannot be ignored in fleet management. Were you able to predict the cost monthly, quarterly, or even annually? We provide an efficient and customized cost prediction based on actual vehicle data and your fleet size. Get your own data analysis by filling in the simple form now.

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The following trial calculation is based on your fleet size and utilizes actual IoV data and a continuously updated calculation model to evaluate potential costs you can save.

*All projections are based on current Trans-IoT customer averages and are subject to change based on additional data provided to your sales representative.

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