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Redefining air purifiers

Instant and effective removal of PM2.5 with the PURUS air

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No more threat to you and your family by PM10-PM2.5 with the PURUS air

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The Project PurusEvery year 8.2 million died due to air pollution in the world.Seven amongst Taiwan’s top ten death causes are closely related to air pollution. Particulate matters, such as PM2.5, are the main cause of smog, and air pollution is threatening our future generations.“Let’s solve globalized problems with globalized practice,” said Keanu Lin, president of TransIOT.PURUS Purification Technology IoT NetworkMites, viruses, pollens, PM2.5, dust, bacteria, mold spores


Effective in ONE second
Portable is the Strongest

Capture PM2.5, pollens, mites and other particulate matters in one time. Clean air all the way through.

Cleaning anywhere and anytime around Remove over 99% of PM2.5“This is the best technology for handling particulate matters.” Chien-Chih Chen, Ph.D., former ITRI executive director/patent inventorSuper-high performance spiral absorption filter captures air pollutants in a clean sweep. Patented technology, permanently consumable free No secondary pollution, friendlier to Earth.

Four-hour operation guaranteed at full load.

Plug and charge in cars, offices, and conference rooms. Clean air all the way through.

Energy efficient, high performance Quiet and Silent Electricity costs less than NT$1 for 24 hours Noise below 35dBIndustry-leading air quality personalization Continuous recording ambient air quality change

Laboratory-level calibrated sensor Captures air quality in advance

Expert journals and knowledge sharing Captures information ubiquitously without misses.


Six main features

clean Removes 99% of PM2.5 in the effective radius within one hour
portable Rechargeable lithium battery (continuous operation up to 4-5 hours)
height performace Energy efficient (less than NT$0.85/24hrs)
Silent (Noise below 35dB)

Monitors air quality and records ambient data with app. Smart ECO detection with automatic on/off based on “personal comfortable zone”

eco-friendly Patented electrostatic precipitator for easy cleaning and  no filter required.

Smog news aggregator app with expert articles and latest research reports for sharing over social networks and capturing the last information.



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How to calculate the warranty period?
TransIOT provides one-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects for products shipped from this company. The warranty is subject to non-human damage under normal use. Please contact any TransIOT sales location or our customer service at (02) 5569-1688 for details regarding repair and warranty.
What are the points for notice of use?
(1) When the power indicator blinks red, this means the battery is low; please charge the Purus Air as quickly as possible. (2) The Purus Air is equipped with a lithium battery. When using it in a car, high temperature may cause danger. Please bring it out of the car after you leave the car. (3) The Purus Air is equipped with a high-precision air pollution detector. After analyzing the PM2.5 in the air with the system, the reading will be shown on the app. The detected value may differ from the actual data detected by observation stations (e.g. EPA) due to location, system and methodology. (4) Keep the product away from water or high temperature environments. (5) All log data of the Purus Air will be stored in the free cloud service and storage space. Data access may be interrupted due to cloud service suspension. This will not affect the Purus Air’s normal operation. (6) When cleaning with a dry cloth, do not touch any metal parts to avoid an electric shock. Keep the product away from water.
Does the Purus Air work without network connection?
The Purus Air links to the smartphone/tablet with Bluetooth. Therefore, users can always operate it from the smartphone whatever network connection is available.. However, users cannot learn external data (e.g. outdoor PM2.5 value) and upload personal data without data service. The Purus Air will automatically synchronize the app data on the mobile with Bluetooth every hour. Data synchronization will take about 20-30 seconds each time. Please keep the app and Purus Air connected in data sync.